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An API driven data-store for temporary data
The easiest way to store temporary data from webhooks, server logs, data migrations, or anything else!
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Storing temporary data shouldn’t be time consuming
Setting up a database for temporary data is time consuming and expensive. Without Quick Freeze you’ll have to deal with these things:
Managing a schema
Database management
Local file storage
Store data in-memory
Costly database hosting
Writing code to access data
Made for developers
A storage API so you can focus on development

Let us remove the boilerplate, store and delete your temporary data so you can focus on building amazing products

API Driven
Easy to Integrate
How can Quick Freeze help you?

Using the asynchronous nature of Quick Freeze, you can focus on creating the major parts of your application while setting up and storing the less-important data for later use. Whenever you're ready to use the data, a simple API call will return it to you!

Server Logs

Quick Freeze can provide a bridge between your main database and a server application, saving you from spending time managing a local database or writing a direct integration.

Data Migration

Do you need somewhere to store data while migrating it from one application to another? Quick Freeze can provide the temporary storage you need.

Webhook Recieving

Using Quick Freeze to recieve data from webhooks is a quick and easy option. Once you’re ready, you can GET the data with a simple API call.

Batching Data Import/Export

A lot of platforms have API limits. Quick Freeze can help you batch transactions by temporarily holding your data until there is a sufficiently sized batch.

Job Queue Data

Quick Freeze can increase failover and help deployments by storing unfinished jobs in a queueing application.

Quick Start
How to get started with Quick Freeze

Create a tray. To create a tray you’ll need to give it a name and optionally customize the endpoint. You’ll also select the Freeze option, which defines what happens when your data is read.

Freeze Options
  • Quick Freeze: Once data is read from a tray, it is automatically deleted
  • Deep Freeze: Data can be read from a tray as many times as needed
Post data into your tray using it’s endpoint and one of your tokens. The data will be stringified and stored - it won’t be manipulated or read, but its bytes will be calculated for billing purposes.
Fetch the data out of Quick Freeze with a simple API call. Depending on your Freeze option, the data will then be deleted or continue to persist.
Simple and straightforward pricing